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Bombed Out Church

We had a wonderful time at the Bombed Out Church in Liverpool!

We played alongside our friends Moss and Jones at St Luke's Church.

We played:

1. We Like To Sing
2. Soporific
3. Counterbalance
4. Pauper & Prince
5. Waltz
6. Love Until You Die
7. Tallest Tree

We would like to thank everyone who came to watch, to Ambrose for helping with everything, to Moss & Jones for playing a great set, to Hoffle Waffle for letting us play, and to everyone who made the day just generally very enjoyable!

Big thanks to Hoffle Waffle for the photo!

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We had a great time playing at Greenfest 2015!

We played at Greenslate Farm in Billinge this weekend. Click here to see what we played.

Click here to visit the Greenslate Farm website.

They have a Facebook page here too.

Greenslate Farm   Greenslate Farm

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Arts In The Village

We had a great time playing the Arts In The Village festival!

We played these songs at The Old Station Gallery in the Peak Shopping Village, in Rowsley:

1. We Like To Sing
2. No Resolve (debut)
3. Counterbalance
4. Pauper And Prince
5. Waltz
6. Love Until You Die
7. Tallest Tree (debut)

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Penmann are an acoustic duo from Liverpool, England, consisting of Lloyd Rock (vocals, guitar) and Rob Hamer (guitar).

The pair began playing together in Autumn 2010 and are currently working towards their first release.

At the moment the pair are performing at events around the north west, writing new music along the way. Penmann are currently readying the release of their new album, due Spring 2015.

Rob and Lloyd Rob and Lloyd Rob and Lloyd

You can find Penmann's music online at these places:

Join the band's fan page on Facebook.

Listen to Penmann's music at Bandcamp.

View videos and live recordings on YouTube.

If you would like to find out more about us check out our biography or come watch us play!