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Penmann are Rob Hamer (guitar) and Lloyd Rock (vocals, guitar), an acoustic duo from Liverpool, England. The pair are known for their beautiful finger-picked melodies, settling somewhere between folk and pop.

Formed in 2010, Penmann have played around Merseyside and have performed alongside Lancashire electro-folkers Harp And A Monkey and Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo.

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Having formed in autumn 2010, Rob and Lloyd spent 2011 making music and playing regularly around Merseyside before deciding to take Penmann out into the wider world.

The band’s first self-recorded demo emerged in 2012. ‘Waltz’, a pretty fingerpicked song with a sense of the medieval, and the joyous pop-based strums of ‘We Like To Sing’, were the first songs to meet the ears of audiences around the English north-west.

With delicate guitar work and ‘diamond-tipped’ vocals, Penmann’s love for melody ensures that even their most complex effort will remain simple and earnest in its result.

Penmann released their debut album, ‘Penmann’, in 2017 and are currently preparing new music for their follow-up.

You can find the band on
       Twitter @penmannmusic,
       on Facebook at, and
       on their website at

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